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Grunge Dreams

Lacey Barlow knows what she wants. Her own little office in a New York high-rise, pungent of ink and journalistic spirit. As a daytime gossip columnist, she has the spirit, the knack, and the drive-ask her, and she’d jump at a quid pro quo position in a heartbeat-but none of the stars seem to align for her career. Far less glamorously, she’s been stuck with dead-end jobs that value sensationalism over truth-the bane of her legitimacy as a reporter.

Meanwhile, Mike Malloy moonlights as a DJ at Club Red, one of the friskiest venues in New York’s clubbing scene. The patrons demand vibrant nights and blared surprises-Mike would much rather hunch over his guitar and strum a few melodies. The two young New Yorkers share a desire-a longing for more than they’ve limited themselves to, or rather, what the world has deemed them capable of.   But with one chance encounter, the paradigms ruling their lives become broken-Lacey and Mike are forced to navigate their repressed passions, and increasingly, their newfound fascination for one another.

A tale of love and hope,  Grunge Dreams  draws a portrait of dilemmas that are all too common among workers today-and juxtaposes it against the virtues of looking forward, not backwards.  

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